Happy Halloween…Or is it?

Today is Halloween. Yet another one of those holidays, milestones.

I do like Halloween and dressing up. I wish Brett and I actually dressed up more for it. We always say to each other that we should be Morticia and Gomez from “The Addams Family” some year. One day Cara Mia, one day.

We had an annual tradition at one of my former employer’s to dress-up. I had a colleague who had awesome costumes. One year he was an outhouse. It was epic. This was my costume (below) from two years ago as Darla from “Finding Nemo” that won the annual contest. Loved this costume. I did so much research and looking at stills of the movie to try to get it accurate. Went to the thrift shop to find the purple sweater. I had the “Rock ‘n Roll Girl” decal to iron on but it just didn’t work right so I had to scrap that part. Had to make do with a paper clip and rubber band for the retainer…wish I still had my headgear. That would’ve totally completed the entire outfit. That was about two cans worth of orange hairspray. Note to future self: don’t ever use that again. It gets everywhere.


I had all of these dreams and expectations for what these holidays, like Halloween, were going to be like with a baby.

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