The Doctor and the Adipose


Back in 2013 I started to binge watch BBC’s sci-fi hit “Doctor Who”. Brett and I instantly fell in love with the idea of a time-traveler in a blue police box on a mission to save the world from alien races.

At the time, the current doctor was Matt Smith and his companion, Clara, was played by Jenna Coleman. However, our favorite iteration was played by David Tennant, most recently the cringe-worthy baddie in Marvel’s “Jessica Jones” on Netflix.

When it was time for us to get a new car when the lease for our Prius was up, we planned on getting a Rav4 in the hopes of one day expanding our family. Even though Emmett is no longer with us, we still decided to up-size into the larger car, which meant I needed to replace my “I Am Sherlocked” bumper sticker on the new wheels.

122816_stickersI had found a store on Etsy that made fun decals. As much as I wanted one of those stick figure families on the car, I also wanted to show our family’s geekiness to have our car stand out (it honestly helps me pick out our car in crowded parking lots)

We decided to get the David Tennant Tenth Doctor for Brett, Clara Oswald for me, K-9 for Dakota and a little adipose to represent Emmett.

If you’re familiar with Doctor Who and the episode called “Partners in Crime” that reunites the Doctor and companion Donna Noble (Catherine Tate), they encounter the adipose, chubby little white aliens that are made of human body fat. Sounds weird, I know, but they’re totally adorable and you can’t help but fall in love with them. At the end of the episode, the tiny adipose float back to their mother-ship and off into the heavens.

It was the perfect little sticker to represent our angel baby. It’s also why he’s floating up towards the skies away from the rest of the family on the back of the car.

Since we’ve added the stickers on the car, we’ve noticed on several occasions random people standing and staring. Sometimes, I don’t think they know we’re even in the car listening to them try to figure out what it all means. It’s kinda funny to know that our car is a conversation point among people.

Everytime I see our car and the little stickers, it makes me smile. I think of little Emmett waving down on us from the heavens. I know he would’ve loved Doctor Who just as much as his mommy and daddy do, and would’ve wanted to run away in a TARDIS. He totally would’ve been napping with us as we watched the latest Christmas episode this past weekend with the return of Doctor Mysterio to see if the Doctor successfully saves Manhattan.

So, if you ever happen to see us tooling around town, you’ll know the story behind our stick-figure family and that it means slightly more than the average Whovian fan.


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