Live Life

I have this piece of text art in my master bath. It used to hang in my office back before I started working from home. I bought it during a particularly stressful time I was having with a large project that was completely new territory for me, but also a time where I struggled with some personal demons.

I look at it every day, and today, like literally just five minutes ago, I was sitting there and pondering, and for some reason, the line: “Embrace change. Trust in yourself. Be happy. Live for today” resonated with me more than ever.

It made me think that I have to embrace this change that has happened. This new me. If I can embrace the change, I can better trust myself and move forward with living my life. 

Even though Emmett is no longer here with us, those who loved him still have to live, we still have to go on. We can’t just stop and stand still, hoping, wishing, grasping for things that unfortunately will never be.

Dwelling in the past often times can be an easier path to take because it’s what you know. It’s that other road, that road where there are unknowns. That can be scary, uncharted territory but it can also be a wealth of opportunity, and if you don’t travel down that road you’ll never know what you missed.

I posted yesterday on Facebook to family and friends how we’re just not feeling the holiday spirit this year, not doing Christmas cards, barely decorating. My best girlfriend that I’ve known since I was 4 years old said: “try to find ways to live and enjoy life. Emmett would want that.”

She’s absolutely right. I think he would want that for his mommy and daddy so I’m going to try so hard and live a life that I enjoy but at the same time also keeps him close to my heart and memories.

P.S. Thanks Annie ❤️


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