BuzzFeed tackles miscarriage with honest video

Today is Sept. 1. The first day of what should’ve been the month I had my first baby. Instead, Sept. 1, has been this day that I’ve been dreading for weeks. I wish I could just skip over this month entirely and just be in October already. Alas, I can’t. I have to endure the next four weeks, not with the prospect and joy of bringing home a little bundle of joy, but instead with the torturing pang in my heart that my baby will not come on his intended due date.

How timely that I found this video this week from BuzzFeed that plunges into the topic of miscarriage and loss in a very honest way. For those unfamiliar with BuzzFeed, I usually watch them for the hilarious food tastings like the great adventure of Chris and Keith called “ChickenWatch 2k15,” which looks to find out what SoCal grocery store chain has the best fried chicken. However, they do tackle some more weighty topics from time-to-time, such as LGBTQ and racial inequities.

When they posted the video below of a couple who has experienced three miscarriages, and is now pregnant with a baby girl, I wasn’t really prepared to watch it since this is all so “new” to me. I hope you will take a few minutes to watch this to see just how real miscarriage is and how it can affect a couple.

I was in tears by this couple’s honest testimonial and so grateful for them sharing their story. I could totally get where the woman was coming from how she felt guilty, like she did something to do this to her babies. I think that resonated the most with me. The overwhelming guilt that just eats at me every day.

I wish more people would share their stories to help others feel less isolated by this intimidating and difficult circumstance so I’m hopeful this will help start a larger conversation about this topic in our society.

Let me know what you think in the comments about the video and if it helped you understand miscarriage more.


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